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27 : 08 / 30 / 1993
♀️ : she/her : bi
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Fickle dabbler in many mediums w/ a passion for animal fantasy! Sometimes preforming as 1 of 3 fursonas (see below) online and at festivals around the US. I sell bones I've cleaned & other artsy shit @ Mutt’s Boneyard on Etsy (hiatus) and stream games as "ShyloPlays" (see below). Livin' in the Willamette Valley with Samus the collie & various creepy crawlies. Juggling personal projects (hyperfixations !!) with fulltime work machinating fantasy figurines. I support education & law reform re: death & dying (from eco-friendly funeral options to assisted suicide), as well as prison reform, entheogen decriminalization, & separation of church/state. Anti-censorship and kink-friendly. I can be a recluse, but I don’t bite. Take it easy~! ✌️❤️🙏🤝

• outer space, deep ocean
• lucid dreaming, world-building
• nature, camping, bonfires
• animals, plants, fungi, life!
• travel, festivals, raves, cons
• drinking, dancing, flow, dopamine
• sleeping in, weighted blankets
• indian food, greek food, sushi
• monsters, aliens, all nonhumans
• mycology, anatomy, linguistics
• death positivity, sex-positivity

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[Fursona] S0MA :
[Fursona] Shylo :

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I don't update em but on DA & FA I'm Kezra.
I have a ton of abandoned Tumblrs as well.
+ I am on every virtual pet site. Just ask!

Click the banner to visit! I stream casual games w/ a focus on point & click adventure. I'm just a baby at this. Consider giving me a follow on Twitch, Youtube, or Twitter! It would be greatly appreciated! <3

From My Rotting Body, Flowers Shall Grow,
and I Am in Them, and That Is Eternity.
—Edvard Munch.